Moorilla Vineyard

Moorilla Vineyard

The Moorilla vineyard is located in Berriedale – 15km north of Hobart, Tasmania. It sits upon Frying Pan Island, a peninsula on the Derwent River at 42.8° south and only one metre above sea level.

Our soil is diverse, ranging from four metres plus deep, silty clay, to risen siltstone bedrock on only a few centimetres of sand. These conditions see not only a massive difference in vine size, vigour and fruit composition, but also very different yield sizes; we also need to tailor our harvesting times, setting them two or three weeks apart.

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Tasmania’s cool climate and Moorilla’s close proximity to the ocean sees our vines kept cold at all times, and with reduced risk of frost or fungal diseases. Additionally, the climate facilitates a long ripening process and promotes complexity.

Fruit Profile
We have two diverse vineyards: Moorilla, in the state’s south, and St. Matthias in the north. Moorilla is typically more complex; fruit, floral and spice abound whilst St. Matthias is riper and fruitier.