Moorilla Vintage Reports

Vintage Reports

2012 Vintage Report
Aligning with Moorilla’s 50th year of winemaking – the 2012 vintage was as close to perfect as possible.

Vines produced good yields, and crop loads reflected the season’s ideal weather conditions.
Varietals ripened sporadically – making picking and receiving a simple process.
Some fruit underwent a wild ferment, which took off with great success.
Given the disease pressure of 2011, we were on the lookout for any latent infection. However, fruit from both vineyards suffered little or no sun and rot damage, regardless of conditions in neighbouring sites.

All in all, this year’s favourable conditions enabled us to produce a vintage of perfect balance between sugar, acid, flavour and phenolics – qualities evident in each bottle of 2012 Moorilla.

– Conor van der Reest