Cloth Label Red 2013

Cloth Label Red 2013

It’s interesting to note that while the blend for the Cloth White seems to flex and change slightly every year the red blend has changed very little; it seems to stay within 1% between the 2012 and the 2015 that we currently have in barrel. There is a very fine balance that we have found where tannins and body balance.

You’ll see that the profile of the wine is remarkably similar to that of the 2012, albeit the aromatics have changed slightly. In order to build on the release of the 2012 what we have done is institute more barrel fermentation. You’ll see from this work that the ‘13 has more body and tannin volume so that the wine is richer but remains more medium bodied than one might expect from a wine that is two thirds Cabernets and Shiraz.

The interplay between red and blue fruits, spice, oak and earth still seems to be held together with the Riesling component of the blend. It remains the glue that binds the Pinot noir to the Cabernets. As with the red, the blending of the wine is done in order to try to show the complexity of St. Matthias, not only as a site but as the home of so many different varieties.

I hope that you’ll find the wine intriguing and playful between its many facets. Regarding its longevity, I think it’s always difficult to tell but you’ll see that with such depth and range of tannin along with good acidity the wine will continue to mature and improve for many years.

Conor van der Reest, Moorilla winemaker