Cloth Label White 2013

Cloth Label White 2013

The release of the 2013 Cloth White is very gratifying. Only our second release of this wine and I see a maturity and complexity that is personally very fulfilling. Thinking back to the original concept and the lessons that we learned from our starting trials in 2011 along with the initial release in 2012 you’ll see from the wine that they have allowed us take the 2013 to a whole new level.

Compared to the 2012, you’ll see a little more aromatic restraint. This isn’t to say that the wine is lacking, rather with a change from Gewurztraminer being the dominant component the wine has more depth and I think the many varieties are more integrated. As well, you’ll find that with the decrease in Gewurztraminer the wine is not as duck fatty. Rather we have tightened the profile so that it more closely resembles that of our Muse Chardonnay or Sauvignon.

I’m quite proud of the results. I think we have a very elegant and charming wine that has done what we have set out to achieve: express the complexity of St. Matthias vineyard through the sum of its many varieties. Its potential for maturation is excellent and I believe that it will continue to improve for many years.

One thing that I might add is that the final blend for each Cloth white from 2012 through to the 2015 which is currently in oak has been very different. The variation between vintages is one of the great things about this wine. While it will remain consistent it is subtly different every year.

Conor van der Rees, Moorilla winemaker